From Necessary Evil to Strategic Advantage: Rethinking Third-Party Risk Management

Webinar | Date: 30-05-2024 | Time: 14h00 (CEST) | Language: English

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SECO-Institute warmly invites you to our insightful webinar with 3rdRisk where we delve into transforming third-party risk management from a necessary evil to a strategic advantage.

This session features Bart van Es, head of IT at Trymax Semiconductors. Bart is a seasoned professional in the realm of third-party risk management, who will share his journey and insights on effectively implementing third-party risk management within organisations.

With an extensive background in IT and strategic vendor oversight (among others in his former role as Supplier Manager at vidaXL), Bart offers a comprehensive understanding of how to put third-party risk management (TPRM) into practice.

From Necessary Evil to Strategic Advantage: Rethinking Third-Party Risk Management

In this webinar, Bart will outline the essential organisational requirements needed to adopt a robust TPRM system. He will provide an overview of the TPRM landscape, discussing the key processes involved in selecting high-level requirements. You will gain insights into identifying different risk levels and implementing a risk-based approach that aligns with organisational goals.

Bart will also discuss the selection of assurance requirements and the benefits of this rigorous approach. Throughout his presentation, he will emphasize that while the road to effective third-party risk management is often challenging, it is replete with opportunities for enhancing organisational resilience and achieving strategic advantages.

Key points to be covered in this webinar

  • Organisational requirements for effective TPRM
  • Overview of the TPRM landscape
  • Process for selecting high-level requirements
  • Understanding and categorising risk levels
  • Implementing a risk-based approach
  • Selection of assurance requirements

Join us to explore how a structured approach to third-party risk management can not only mitigate risks but also transform them into avenues for strategic growth and stability.

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  • Date: 30-05-2024
  • Starts at: 14h00 (CEST)


14h00: Welcome
14h05: Rethinking Third-Party Risk Management
14h50: Q&A Session
15h15: Closing remarks and next webinars