Jochen den Ouden, talks about why hackers think different than you and me, in a during 45 minutes webinar.

Data breaches. Cybercrime. Hackers. Privacy. Just some terms that appear in the news every day. But what is it really like? What is a hacker? Why are you or your organization interesting for a cybercriminal? And hacking is only digital, right?

In this webinar, I will answer all these questions. I will go through the landscape of cybersecurity and privacy. I’m going to talk about how a malicious hacker chooses his target, accesses and retains a system. In other words: the cyber kill chain. Of course, I’ll show you my favourite tools. Tools that every hacker also uses. This way you get an idea of how a hacker works and what his mindset is. Hackers just think a little differently. To get even more feeling about the work of a hacker, I show examples from my own practice.


About Jochen

As an IT Security Specialist, Jochen den Ouden believes that information security is only possible in an interplay between people, technology and the organization. These three links are inextricably linked. In daily life, he gives advice on IT Security processes for-profit and non-profit organizations. He does this by using ethical hacks (security testing) to see where there are potential leaks in software, hardware and people. In addition, he makes employees of an organization aware of the real dangers on the web and he trains IT people to become Ethical Hackers.