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What is the SECO-SYSTEM?

An international community of information security, privacy and business continuity professionals. Get access to career and networking opportunities, webinars, educational resources, job-opportunities, on-demand courses and much more.

The benefits of a free SECO Membership

Career & Networking

Advance your career as a SECO member. Use our courses and (free) resources to increase your knowledge. Network with other professionals in the fields of information security, privacy, and business continuity.

Online, on demand courses

Follow SECO’s Internationally recognized training programs. Prepare for your exams with extra materials, templates, sample exam and webinars. Deliver CPE credits to keep your certification(s) up to date.


Get access to numerous free webinars delivered by experts in their line of work from all over the world.

Job opportunities

Profile yourself as an (aspiring) security, privacy or business continuity professional and get into contact with employers looking for people like you.

Expert sessions

Engage with SECO-Institute’s Experts. Every 3 months we try to organize an online session on a specific topic. Followed by a discussion with the participants.

Useful resources

Get access to a library of external resources such as blogs, educational games, articles, guides and tutorials.

Templates and frameworks

Get access to a number of information security and data protection templates and frameworks.

SECO Communities

Use our forum to ask questions, discuss relevant topics and debate on recent events with other professionals and aspiring experts within our community.