Dear SECO title holder,

We are happy to have you here. We hope your certification title will be long and rewarding, and we wish you all the success in your security & continuity career.
On this page, we answer your most frequently asked questions about your certification title.

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Why should I certify? What are the benefits of a SECO certification title?

When you certify, you acquire the right to use a professional title (such as certified Information Security Practitioner or Certified Information Security Officer). You receive a secure digital badge you can display on your LinkedIn, CV or e-portfolio to showcase your skills to potential employers and the professional community. SECO badges are verifiable credentials that serve as proof of your competence and experience. Since keeping your SECO credentials active requires you to perform Continuing Professional Education activities every year, your SECO badge also attests to your commitment to continuing professional development.

What are the overall costs of certification?

Foundation certifications are free of charge. Practitioner and Expert certifications incur a small annual maintenance fee (€75, exclusive VAT). The annual maintenance fee is a small administration cost associated with verifying your reported Continuing Professional Education hours and administering your credentials. Certified Officer certifications incur an annual maintenance fee  (€150, exclusive VAT) associated with assessing your application, approving your CPE hours and administering your credentials. There are no other costs involved.

How do I renew my certification title?

To make things easier for you, we send you a reminder to submit your CPE credits before your certification expires. After you submit your CPE credits, we assess if your reported credits meet the requirements set out in our Quick CPE Guide. After approving your CPE credits, we re-certify you automatically after debiting the annual maintenance fee of €75 (Practitioner and Expert) or €150 (Certified Officer).

What if I have multiple certifications?

If you have more certifications, you need to pay the annual maintenance fee (€75 for Practitioners and Experts and €150 for Certified Officers) for each certification you wish to renew. Your CPE credits need only be reported once. The CPE credits you submit for one SECO credential will be automatically counted toward all of your active SECO credentials.

How do I cancel my certification title?

By cancelling your certification, you will lose your right to use your professional title and digital badge. If you are determined to cancel your certification, go to My Account. Navigate to Subscriptions and click Cancel.

Can I cancel my certification and keep my free (S)ECO-system membership?

Yes. Your (S)ECO-system membership is independent of your certification status. After cancelling your certification, your membership account will still remain active and you will still have free access to our resources. If you also wish to cancel your free membership, delete your account in your account settings.